Thursday, August 20, 2009

one of these days...

I am actually going to visit this poor blog regularly again. I keep jotting down things on my "blog about this" list, but I never actually manage to blog about them. In lieu of real writing, here's a snapshot of things I want to share:
  • My first real fasting experience, during which God spoke some amazing things into my heart. In general, He is working in my life like never before... mostly because I am yielding to Him and walking in obedience like never before. Funny how that works.
  • The joy and struggle of life with my two-year-old, including his new penchant for screaming bloody murder in the car - a lot. When does that end??
  • My in-laws first visit to Portland, and our campaign to woo them this direction.
  • Beginning to think about preschool for Eli next fall - not sure how that is even possible - and wondering what other mommies look/looked for in a preschool.
  • My struggle with resolving the absolute truth of Jesus Christ and my desire to respect personal liberty and choice.
  • My new journey as a runner, which has been derailed (temporarily, I hope) by a hip injury, bad knees, and that pesky family visit. :)
Hopefully I'll get to writing about these things soon. Bet you can hardly wait. :)